New School Canterbury

brand / design

Most children don't get a chance to play enough. Forced into packed classrooms led by over-worked, stressed teachers, they then have to face over a decade of learning facts to pass exams only then to reach the end disillusioned, miserable, hating education and having learnt nothing except how to do homework. (That's, like, just our opinion, man...)

That's why we were so excited to work on the branding for New School Canterbury - an independent school based on the Steiner principles of learning in a natural, relaxed environment.

We worked with New School on a fresh, modern brand that, with the combination of its strong typeface and enso circle, manages to be both serious but playful.

The supporting series of marketing materials play with the idea of a typical school being overly strict and full of rules. This though, being New School, flips that expectation here with "New School Rules". These rules instead promote the idea that children should be children: getting muddy; having fun; learning through play.

They are a fantastic school and we're thrilled to work with them.

New School Canterbury